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Gringo Visas launches a 14-minute informative video packed with facts about Ecuadorian Visas.  A must-see if you’re thinking of moving to Ecuador.

Founder, Maite Duran talks about the different types of visas available, starting with the most popular for expats, the Foreign Pension Visa (9-I).

The video also covers the Investor Visa (9-II), which can be obtained either through a certificate of deposit (CD) for $25,000 plus an additional $500 for each dependent, or a real estate investment with property value assessed at a minimum of $25,000, to secure a permanent resident visa in Ecuador.

For those seeking a Professional Visa (9-V), Maite recommends obtaining the 180-day Extended Tourist Visa (12-IX) from any Ecuadorian Consulate before entering Ecuador and applying for the Professional Visa. This visa is based on a college or university degree or diploma that is recognized and accredited by the Ecuadorian education agency SENESCYT.

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Gringo Visas video shoot


Part of the video features testimonials from Gringo Visas’ clients and street scenes of El Centro (downtown) Cuenca’s charming historic district, which are interwoven with Duran’s advice. The video was produced by Ashley Rogers and Jane Brinton, and is part of an on-going strategy by the Target Expats Marketing Group.

The entire bilingual team at Gringo Visas is both knowledgeable and well informed on visa acquisitions and the latest changes in procedure or documents required by the Ecuadorian Immigration authorities. With offices in Cuenca, Quito and in the United States they have helped hundreds of people obtain their resident visas to Ecuador, quickly and easily. They are ready to assist anyone needing to apply for a permanent visa.


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Gringo Visas is committed to obtaining your Ecuadorian Residency Visa – fast, easy and affordable by doing what we do best, nothing but Visas.

As the only Visa service provider with offices both in Ecuador, and in the United States, Gringo Visas bilingual staff, including legal counsel, is positional to help you obtain your Visa.

If you’re ready to apply for your Visa, please fill out our Client Profile on the Contact page of our website or Contact us at info@ Tel: In Ecuador 098 915 3622 in the United States 203-648-4511. Check us out on Facebook and YouTube.

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