New Investment Visa

This is the perfect visa for people who would like to have the freedom to travel in and out of Ecuador and still have the benefits of being a resident.

This visa will be valid for two years, with the option to renew, and will not be subject to the rules of maximum periods outside of Ecuador. In other words, the Investment Visa holders will be able to travel in and out of Ecuador as much as they like.

The requirements for this type of visa will be similar to the former “Investor” visa, but the amount to be invested will have to be the equivalent to 100 of the Ecuadorian minimum wage (approximately $40,000) instead of the 70 minimum wage that applied to the former Investor visa. There is an additional fee of $500 for each dependent.

Such an investment can be made through a bank Certificate of Deposit policy of at least 730 days, or by investing in Real Estate or Company Shares in Ecuador. 

With this visa, after 21 months you can apply for a permanent resident visa.



I looked into this new Investment Visa earlier but I never understood how to make it work. My thought was to first invest in the high yield long term CD with JEP and use that money to satisfy the financial requirement of the visa. However, in order to open an account with JEP, it seems like you have to already be a resident and show that you are paying taxes or at least utilities. As someone who rents a place in Cuenca where we don’t pay any utilities, I don’t see a way to meet JEP’s requirements. Do you have any detailed suggestions on how to make this work and what has to happen first, second, ….?

Thanks for any help.


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