New requirements for visas to Ecuador announced by The Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores y Movilidad Humana. The important change to document requirements affects people wanting to obtain working visas or permanent residency to Ecuador. This change affects all offices of immigration regarding criminal background checks. Previously, police criminal background checks were required for the previous 5 years from the State or Province of your resident home country. Or, in the United States you could choose to get an FBI report as proof. Now you need to have BOTH documents to satisfy your Visa application requirements.


A Certificate for Criminal Records issued by the home country of the subject, or by the country where he/she has lived for the last 5 years, apostilled by the appropriate authority of the original country of the document, or legalized in the corresponding Ecuadorian Consulate. Certificate must be valid for up to 180 days from the certificate issuance date to last entry of the applicant into Ecuador. In the case of countries with federal governments, the Certificate for Criminal Records must be issued by the State or Province authority of the place of residence of the applicant, and by the Federal or National authority. Documents issued by local authorities, as Town, County, etc., will NOT be accepted as valid.


If you are trying to get a visa on your own, this can add several more weeks or months before your criminal background checks are authenticated and returned to your home/mailing address. Gringo Visas has the official forms ready for your fingerprints to be taken in our Cuenca office, and we can accompany you to have them taken. Your prints are sent directly, by courier, to the FBI in the US for processing.

All of your paperwork and original documents are processed from our office in the United States, and then sent to Cuenca for translations and notarizations. There are no hidden costs in our all-inclusive fee, including international courier charges, translations, legalized documents in the US and Ecuador, and any government fees.


Gringo Visas is committed to obtaining your Ecuadorian Residency Visa – fast, easy and affordable by doing what we do best, nothing but Visas.

As the only Visa service provider with offices both in Ecuador (Cuenca and Quito), and in the United States, Gringo Visas bilingual staff, including legal counsel, is positioned to help you obtain your Visa.

If you are ready to apply for your Visa, please fill out our Client Profile on the contact page of our website or contact us at info@ Tel: in Ecuador 098 915 3622 in the United States 203-648-4511. Check us out on Facebook and YouTube.

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