Tune in to hear Maite’s one-hour interview with Ashley Rogers and Michel Blanchard on the Overseas Radio Network. The broadcast will air on Monday, February 10, at 11:00am. If you miss the broadcast, you can download it from the Overseas Radio Network archives, which will be posted here, and on Gringo Visas Facebook

Ecuador At Your Service is a weekly, one-hour radio show on the Overseas Radio Network, dedicated to “Everything Ecuador”.

Each week Michel and Ashley present some of the country’s top experts that provide practical, advice-driven information on everything from real estate, getting a Visa, relocating with a container or a pet, or planning an adventure vacation; to medical tourism, food, music and cultural information.

The program also features interviews with a wide variety of expats … both new arrivals and veteran “Gringos”, who reveal valuable insights into everyday life and how to live, work, retire or invest in Ecuador.

 About Overseas Radio Network

 On January 2, 2012 Overseas Radio launched Overseas Radio Network, the exclusive online radio station created by expats for the expatriate community. Overseas Radio Network has partnered with some of the most experienced and well-respected leaders in the expatriate industry. The ORN team brings our listening audience quality audio content regarding living, investing and retiring overseas. This group of experts covers topics from real estate and global asset protection, to food and entertainment as well as adjusting to a new culture.

Our hosts currently broadcast from Panama to Paris; and can be heard on the air 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, exclusively on the Internet. Our line-up of personalities includes doctors, lawyers, top real estate agents, and expert travelers from across the globe. You will not find a group of individuals in one place quite like this anywhere but Overseas Radio Network.

  • Gringo Visas is committed to obtaining your Residency Visa in Ecuador – fast, easy and affordable by doing what we do best, nothing but Visas.
  • Gringo Visas has a bilingual staff including in-house legal counsel with offices in Cuenca and Quito, Ecuador.
  • Gringo Visas is the only Visa service provider in Ecuador also with an office in the United States. Contact info@ or by phone in Ecuador (593) 098 915 3622, in the United States (203) 648 4511.

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