How to renew a resident Visa in Ecuador if your passport expires or your current passport gets lost or stolen.

Once you receive your Ecuadorian permanent resident Visa it is stamped inside your passport. Even though your Visa status is permanent, when your passport expires, you’ll need to transfer your Visa into your new passport. Gringo Visas can assist you in this process, no matter where your Visa was issued.

Document Requirements:

The documentation required is similar to obtaining your original permanent resident Visa.

  • A written request in Spanish to the Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores y Movilidad Humana with an explanation why you need a new Visa stamp
  • A completed Visa application form in Spanish with a passport-size photo attached
  • You will also need a current Migratory Movement Certificate, showing international travel in and out of Ecuador
  • Color copy of your old passport ID page and Visa page – Notarized
  • Color copy of your cedula or Certificate of Empadronamiento – Notarized
  • If your passport was lost or stolen, you’ll need to provide a copy of a police or Embassy report for the missing passport
  • If you have a Pension Visa, you will need to provide an original receipt of your most recent benefit statement
  • For the Real Estate Visa: a Certificate de Gravamenes (proof of property ownership)
  • Investor Visa: Current certificate from the financial institution that has custody of the certificate of deposit
  • Professional Visa: Certified copy of your diploma and official document registered with SENESCYT


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Gringo Visas is committed to obtaining your Ecuadorian Residency Visa – fast, easy and affordable by doing what we do best, nothing but Visas.

As the only Visa service provider with offices both in Ecuador (Cuenca and Quito), and in the United States, Gringo Visas bilingual staff, including legal counsel, is positioned to help you obtain your Visa.

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