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Ecuador has implemented specific procedures to prevent international child abduction. Under Ecuadorian law, children under the age of 18 who are citizens or residents of Ecuador and who are traveling alone, with one parent, or with a third party, must present the following requirements:
a. Valid passport and identification document (cedula).
b. Valid visa (if the destination country requires it)
c. Written authorization, which can be granted by a Family Judge, by a Notary or by an Ecuadorian Consul. The fee for the authorization done before a Notary is $31.00 (per minor).
If the child is a resident in other country, and has not stayed in Ecuador for more than 90 days, no authorization is needed .
In other words if the child has lived in Ecuador for more than three months and holds a permanent resident visa in the country , the authorization (in Spanish : permiso de salida del pais) will be needed.

The information contained in the authorization is:
1. Full name of the child.
2. Country of destination and the exact address where the child will stay.
3. With whom the child will be traveling and when the trip will be.
4. The purpose of the trip and who will pay for it.
If you have custody documents they will need need to be apostille, along with the certified translation.

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