Foreigners who currently have a visa in process, be it temporary or a permanent residency visa, must comply with providing proof of public or private health insurance with full coverage at the time of visa issuance in the following cases:

  1. Visa renewal
  2. Visa transfer
  3. Policy renewal
  4. Current visa certification
  5. Empadronamiento/Cedulación

For temporary or permanent residence visas issued as of November 9, 2017, health insurance is mandatory. For foreign people who enter as tourists, health insurance will also be required.

ACCEPTED DOCUMENTS for compliance with the requirement are:

PUBLIC INSURANCE: Certificate of affiliation with the social insurance granted by IESS, and, in case of extension of coverage of the insurance for the family members, documentation of said extension must be presented. In all other cases each applicant must have personal insurance.

PRIVATE INSURANCE: Updated certification issued by the legal representative of the insurance in which the scope of total coverage is detailed and if there is an extension of insurance coverage for the family members (spouse, partner and children under 18 years of age) this extension must be documented. In all other cases, each applicant must have personal insurance.

FOREIGN INSURANCE: The applicant must present a certificate issued by the Consular Offices of Ecuador in which the validity of the health insurance is certified, and this must have full coverage of medical and health care within the Ecuadorian territory.

VALIDITY:  In the procedures mentioned above for these to be processed, you must submit the insurance of medical coverage and total health from the date November 9, 2017.


Foreign citizens with valid visas, citizens in international protection and citizens coming from the border integration zone are exempt from this requirement.


For visas issued abroad, insurance will be required effective February 5, 2018.


For tourists who enter Ecuadorian territory without a visa, it will be required effective February 5, 2018.