Why Was My Visa Rejected?

Why Was My Visa Rejected?

It is not uncommon to have your Visa application rejected. No one likes rejection, especially when it’s handed down from the Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores y Movilidad Humana in Ecuador. Often it is caused by a simple typo or spelling mistake. So it is imperative that you check your documents for accuracy and consistency.

So, why was my visa rejected? Here are some examples of Visa applications that have been rejected, that may help you avoid some of these pitfalls.

Names Misspelled

Check your documents. A name or an initial misspelled on any document, which does not match your passport ID, may be rejected. If there is a discrepancy, correct the mistake before you submit your papers. Your passport is proof of your identity, so make sure your supporting documents match.

Misinterpreting Information

Many people rely on outdated and conflicting blogs written by people who mean to be helpful by sharing their experience, but as the immigration rules and regulations change frequently in Ecuador, this is not the best advice to seek.

Spanish Translations

Ecuadorian government websites, even though they offer an English translation, are not always easy to follow. When document requirements change, these websites are rarely updated to reflect the most recent change in procedures.

Pension Visas

One of the required documents for a retirement visa in Ecuador is proof of pension funds or a certified letter from the Social Security Administration showing monthly benefits. This information is available to anyone online who is qualified to receive future benefits, but it is important that the document states you are already receiving these benefits. Depending upon how many dependents you are claiming, you may be asked to produce your bank statements showing your pension deposits for at least 3-months. The bank statements need to be signed and stamped by a bank representative, after which, they need to be notarized, apostilled and then legalized at the Ecuadorian Consulate.

Documents Expiring

Applying for any visa in Ecuador is time sensitive, and probably causes the most stress for the applicants. The Ecuadorian authorities require two criminal background checks, one from the State or States, where you have lived for the past 5 years, and another report from the FBI. The State background check must be within 180-days to be submitted with your visa application. However, the FBI report can take longer to obtain, especially when the FBI cannot read your fingerprints. So allow enough time to have your fingerprints taken and sent off to the FBI before you get your State report. If you are already in Ecuador and need an FBI report, we can have your fingerprints taken here and submit to the FBI for you.

Missing Documents

Many people come to Ecuador, and then begin the Visa process, only to find they have missing documents. This can be a costly mistake for a person to have to fly home to retrieve the correct document.

We recommend you start the Visa process while you are still in the United States or Canada. At Gringo Visas we can handle all your documents from our US office, which means you get your Visa before you come to Ecuador.

Disrespecting A Government Official

This Visa process can be frustrating, but remember that you are a guest in this country. An Ecuadorian government employee has the authority to accept or reject your application for any number of reasons. So it only makes sense to respect their position and to be polite and courteous. Raising your voice, pointing a finger, or even telling them this is not how it’s done in your country, could get your visa application straight to the top of the rejected pile.

Go to the Expat Visa Experts

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As the only Visa service provider with offices both in Ecuador (Cuenca, Quito and Guayaquil) and in the United States, Gringo Visas bilingual staff, including legal counsel, is positioned to help you obtain your Visa.

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