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Gringo Visas is the only service provider with offices both in the United States, and in Ecuador. Getting your Visa couldn't be easier.

Headquartered in Cuenca with a satellite office in Quito, and a US office, Gringo Visas is uniquely positioned to help you obtain your Residency Visa. Founder Maité Durán is an expert on Visas. Together with her experienced team and legal counsel, she specializes in Visas, nothing but Visas, and she has helped hundreds of Expats around the world obtain their residency.

How can you be sure you're taking the right steps?
Our streamlined Visa process includes notarizing and apostilling your original documents and reviewing them by our in-house legal staff, while you're still in the United States. No one else can make that claim. With hundreds of satisfied clients around the world, you will have the confidence and peace of mind knowing, that as long as you meet all of the Immigration requirements, your Visa will be processed. We guarantee it.

Avoid immigration problems by calling Gringo Visas before you come to Ecuador. Contact us for a free consultation.

We specialize in Visas, nothing but Visas.

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I keep hearing horror stories about some visas taking up to 9 months to get.  Wow! I got mine in less   than a month. Very fast service

– Jan Loman from Texas to Cuenca

Great customer service...very easy to work with...bilingual of all they answered my emails promptly!
– Debra Budny from Tennessee to Cuenca

Upfront flat hidden costs...very affordable...saved time and money by sending all our documents to one place, and not Fed-Exing all over the country
– Martin L Doherty from Colorado to Cuenca

When we got to Ecuador, Maite personally took us to Immigration to get our visas registered
– Frank Verderese from Indiana to Bahía de Caráquez

We were under a time crunch ... Maite's US office was an enormous help getting our documents notarized, apostilled, submitted and approved before we left the US.
– Ilene Roberts from Maryland to Cuenca