If you come to Ecuador as a tourist and wish to stay up to one year, you can obtain a Tourist Extension Visa and a Special Tourism Visa.

If you wish to live in Ecuador for longer than one year, there are 16 resident Visa categories altogether, most of which require that you first apply for a 2-year Temporary Visa.  After 21 months of being a Temporary Resident, you can begin the application for Permanent Residency. Note, not all Temporary Visas lead to Permanent Visas.

Once the Temporary Visa is granted, you must show that you have Health Insurance, either through the social security system in Ecuador (IESS), or private health insurance. Gringo Visas can help you navigate health insurance options.

During the time of your 2-year Temporary Residency, you can leave the country as many times as you wish. Under the new immigration law of February 5, 2021, there are no travel restrictions.  Read more…

When applying for Permanent Residency, depending on how long you left the country during the first 21 months, you might have to provide new legalized criminal records from both your home country and Ecuador translated into Spanish and legalized.

The 3 most popular Resident Visas for Expats are – Retired, Professional and Investor. To qualify for a Retired Visa you need proof of a retirement plan or pension fund like Social Security that guarantees your pension income of at least $400 per month. If you are applying for a Professional Visa, you need to show proof of income of at least $400 per month, or $9000 in savings.

Buying a Home in Ecuador

It is very important to obtain legal counsel before committing to anything or signing any legal documents. In Ecuador, agreements bind both parties. Therefore, it is very important that the purchase and sale contract is specific and detailed including timing and form of payment, details of the finished construction, and penalties in case either of the parties does not comply with the agreement.

The attorney will ensure the title is free and clear and that the sellers are legitimately working according to Ecuadorian standards. It is important that the attorney is with you throughout the process to ensure that your investment is handled properly.

If you’re interested in purchasing a home or investment property, try our trusted friends at VISAS 1

Temporary Visa Options





Scientist, researcher, academic


Professional, technician, technologist

Amparo (Dependent)

Permanent Visa Options

Complete 21 months of temporary residence:





Scientist, researcher, academic


Amparo (Dependent)

Family of Ecuadorian citizen or permanent resident


Legalize documents

Legal documents need to be apostilled. An apostille is a government certification that makes it legal to use certain documents outside of the country where issued. This applies to public records, marriage and birth certificates, as well as diplomas. We can obtain the necessary apostilles for you through our US office.

Marriage registration

If you are married or divorced, you need to have your marriage license, and divorce papers (if applicable) officially registered in Ecuador. Gringo Visas can provide this service and translate your documents from English to Spanish.

Health insurance

Once you receive your Temporary Visa, you’ll need to show you have health insurance. You can join the national social security system (IESS), or show proof of private insurance. We can provide you with an established private insurer, or help you join IESS.

Real Estate

Need a place to live? If you’re looking to purchase a home or investment property our trusted friends at ECUADOR AT YOUR SERVICE can help.

Relocation services

We work with professional relocation specialists who have been moving expats to Ecuador for more than a decade. You’ll be in good hands.

Legal services

Gringo Visas has a legal staff that includes an immigration specialist and general  counsel who can advise you on any legal situation including real estate.


Once you receive your Permanent Visa, you will have 30 days to get the mandatory cedula, which is the Ecuadorian national ID card. We prepare the required documents and take you to the Civil Registration office.

Passport Visa Renewal

When your passport expires, we can assist you in transferring your visa to your new passport.

Bank account

Once you have your Temporary Visa, you can open a bank account in Ecuador. We can help with the necessary paperwork to open a checking, savings account or investment CD with an ATM card.

Driver's license

Tourists and temporary residents are allowed 60 days upon arrival to drive on a US license. After that, you will need to apply for an Ecuadorian driver’s license. We can assist you to obtain the required paperwork, prepare you for the written test in Spanish, and take you for the exam.

IVA Tax refund

Permanent residents 65 and over qualify for a tax refund on certain items purchased in Ecuador. We can enroll you in this problem, which means money back to you.

Ecuadorian Citizenship

Gringo Visas can work with you to obtain the requirements necessary to become an Ecuadorian Citizen. We also help you prepare for the interview and the test, providing you with the study material in both Spanish and English.

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